Today we meet Tom, a loyal colleague who celebrates 12 years of service with our company! Tom guards one of our corporate sites in Dublin to great effect and is highly regarded by our clients and ourselves. In our daily lives, we often tend to take the importance and role of security guards for granted. Moreover, we almost fail to acknowledge their presence, barely giving them even a glance. But when we come to think of it, it is tough to picture our daily lives without them. Security guards play a very crucial role in protecting people, infrastructure, property and assets. Security guards often work in shifts, offering protection throughout the day and night. There is always more to their job than just patrolling or making rounds. They are expected to be extremely aware and vigilant, looking out for anything or anyone suspicious, which might cause unwanted trouble. In places like malls, office buildings, schools, residential apartments etc. mostly security offers have the assistance of CCTV cameras, alarm systems, radios, flash lights, and other mediums of electronic surveillance. Only after knowing the importance of their role, we actually understand how essential security can be, and learn to appreciate the job and presence of a security guard.