Why use a professional Keyholding and Alarm Response Service?

False Alarms

The vast majority of a business’s intruder activations are false alarms. Not only is it inconvenient for staff to be called outside of working hours to attend site for a false alarm, but it effects the business as a whole in regards to productivity for the next day.  We have found that a business’s key holders are always key members of staff and, as such, the cost to a business in financial and human terms can be vast when relying on staff to respond to intruder alarm activations.

Response time

Not all businesses are lucky enough to have staff that live locally that shall be able to attend site quickly enough to offer a timely response to an alarm activation.

Health and Safety

Lone workers should not be at more risk than other employees when answering activations. When a member of staff attends site responding to an alarm activation, arrangements need to be put in place to check on the welfare of this staff member at regular intervals. Have the staff been trained in alarm response? Is their safety compromised in asking them to respond?


On April 6 2008 the Corporate Manslaughter Act came into effect in the UK and may be introduced in Ireland very soon. It is integral now more than ever that arrangements are made in regards to key holding and the safety of staff when attending site.


All sites should have a minimum of two key holders registered. A nominated key holder must be able to attend all alarm activations and must be contactable on a 24 hour basis. They should also have an understanding of the basic workings of the alarm system and know all contact details and contract numbers when dealing with their Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)

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