It has been suggested by Security Experts that Intruder alarms and CCTV systems hold no fear for a new breed of organised urban burglars who are planning and executing up to 14 raids a day in particular areas.
Electronic signal jammers which can be bought for as little as €40. These devises coupled with hoodies and balaclavas help to prevent identification of burglars and are being used commonly as professional burglary gangs ignore traditional deterrents and can break into homes and businesses in as little as seven seconds.

Our Managing Director Tim Kennedy, who offers over 32 years experience as a senior member of An Garda Siochana,  believes that planned burglaries have replaced opportunism for criminals.

“The days of the opportunistic burglar are diminishing,” said Mr Kennedy. “The new generation plan and execute their burglaries professionally and leave nothing to chance.
“Burglars now typically operate in groups and will take time to drive around an area and identify 10-12 houses or businesses which fit their ideal criteria. Sometimes they will spend over 3 days surveying the target. This includes watching the movement of workers/house occupants, looking at security measures in place and watching out for regular patterns.
“In an urban setting, burgulars will watch out for people who may regularly go to mass or the shops and leave the house unattended, people who go to work early and return late or houses that are surrounded by hedges or may have large vehicles parked outside which are visible from the street. In a business setting they will observe opening and closing times and even trip the alarm and check to see what, if any, the response is to alarm activation’s”

“Basically, they are looking for unattended houses or businesses where they can go about their business for the best part unseen”

Mr Kennedy believes that the new breed of burglar is not phased by alarms or cameras and will either jam the system or is prepared to take the chance that neighbours or passers-by will ignore the ringing.
“They are secure in the knowledge that they have a time window as long as the occupier is not near the house, as the Gardai will not immediately attend the activation” he said.

“When it comes to more sophisticated alarm systems, burglary teams are taking the chance that the alarm is monitored through the phone line and are simply remotely copying the IP address of the transmission system and jamming the alarm. These transmission jammers are readily available to would-be thieves for as little as €40, and are operational up to a 30-metre radius. Any device that is built to transmit or receive a wireless signal at a specific frequency can be overwhelmed by a stronger signal coming in on the same frequency – and that is what these cheap GSM, 3G and 4G devices are doing.”

Most burglars wear long hoods that mask their faces from above. He said this means they circumvent many CCTV systems which, even in normal circumstances, are not capable of zooming right in to give a clear picture of a burglar’s face”

“The average burglar now has all the tools of the trade to break and enter into an average home, regardless of whether an alarm or CCTV system is fitted or not,” he added.

“There really is only one way to prevent burglaries, and that is to make it as difficult as possible for the burglar to gain access to your house or business. This involves using good quality locks, cutting away heavy trees/hedges and installing sensor lighting can be a good idea. If you have an alarm system USE IT. Even when at home get in the habit of turning the alarm on during the day and not just at night when you go to bed. Consult a professional security company who will offer advice and guidance of what is best for your home and business”

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